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Name:Margaret Houlihan
Location:Ouijongbu, Korea, The Republic of

A head nurse who is part seductress and part Attila the Hun.

- C. E. Winchester, The Winchester Tapes

Margaret Houlihan is an army nurse, born and raised in army camps. She was stationed in Tokyo for the early part of the Korean War and spent much of her time there drinking and partying, until the 4077th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital needed a head nurse. Overnight, she found herself in charge of ten nurses in an atmosphere not conducive to either sanity or military discipline. Since then, she's done her best to preserve both, with varying levels of success. She's often been accused of going overboard on the discipline, to which her response is that those in the army should expect it. She's strict, patriotic, and a stickler for rules and regulations, and she expects the same from those she works with. Sometimes that attitude gets to be too much for her comrades and subordinates, but in reality, there's much more to Margaret than simply the strict army major.

Margaret's an interesting woman. On the outside, all discipline and strength, and
on the inside, six kinds of passion looking for an exit.

- Sidney Freedman, Dear Sigmund

Margaret had a long line of relationships with military men, which culminated in her marriage to Lieutenant-Colonel Donald Penobscott. But married life was not good to her; she missed her husband, who was stationed in Tokyo, and Donald's cheating, lies, and distance eventually destroyed their marriage. When she enters the Outpost, she's recently divorced and eager to start a new life, having decided that she's now a free woman, ready to go ahead in her life without dependence on anybody else.

Margaret is passionate about more than men. She has a fiery temper, and when it comes to arguments, she can be forceful and even frightening. On the warpath, she inspires fear in enlisted men and her nurses alike. She can at times be tactless and inconsiderate, particularly when angry or upset. But beyond her harsh exterior, she can be warm, kind, and caring, and is a valuable friend to those she allows to see that side of her. When she lets it show, she's got a good sense of humour and a flair for practical jokes. In spite of all her discipline and patriotism, Margaret is no fan of the war. She secretly misses the carefree days before she was transferred to the 4077th, and regrets the fact that so many people see her as cold, unfeeling, and unapproachable.

I don't like the war, you know; I hate it. I hate the destruction, the stupidity
of the waste, the destruction of personal lives.

- Margaret Houlihan, Comrades in Arms, Part 1

Margaret is 5' 6" tall, with green eyes and platinum blonde hair that she'll tell you is naturally that colour. Her habitual dress is a khaki army uniform, though she likes to vary that with sweaters, and occasionally even a kimono. She takes great pride in her appearance and enjoys pampering herself with makeup and hairstyles. She also enjoys yoga, reading, listening to music, and playing cards.

Margaret Houlihan is the intellectual property of the creators of M*A*S*H: 20th Century Fox (tv show), Richard Hooker (book), and Ring Lardner and Robert Altman (film). This journal is being used for roleplay. No infringement is intended and no profit is being made. Icons feature the wonderful Loretta Swit, with whom I am also not affiliated.

Margaret comes from the TV series, and enters the Outpost immediately after her argument with Colonel Lacy in the mess tent in episode 7.23, “Preventative Medicine”. For the sake of my sanity in relation to the problematic timeline of M*A*S*H, this episode takes place in autumn, 1952.

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